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Aviation Uniforms

Hilton Tailors supply a large range of aviation clothing and accessories to commercial, business and private pilots, airlines, flight and ground engineers and airports around the world. Our large range of aviation clothing and accessories consists of jackets, trousers, shirts, slim-fit pilot shirts, ties, cravats, footwear, headwear, epaulette sliders, coats and outdoor clothing etc.

We understand that the flight attendant uniforms says a lot about the airline’s brand identity, the cultural attitudes and also passenger psychology, so we design these uniforms accordingly. The aviation uniforms make the airline staff look and feel the part.

We cater to the needs of flight deck, flight attendants and ground staff, ensuring a stylish and professional look along with a perfect fit and comfortable wear. We develop custom solutions, from new fabrics to tailored details, and services to meet individual client needs – as well as provide uniforms from our stock program.

All our uniform packages come with personalization options, allowing airlines to match uniform appearance to brand guidelines, colours and corporate identity. We understand that all airlines are different and require different solutions – and we will guide you through the entire process, from design drawings and prototyping to individual fittings and final uniform. We offer all categories of aviation uniforms such as air hostess uniforms in all patterns, ground crew t-shirts, pilot uniforms, staff uniforms, uniform sari, safety jackets etc.